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Beginners &

Younger Students


Monthly Tuition: $80.00


Intermediate to

Advanced Students


Monthly Tuition: $160.00


*pricing based on 4 weeks


At Josie Long Violin Studio, a variety of lesson time slots are available depending on the level and age of the student. Before your first lesson, we will discuss what an appropriate lesson time would be for your child. Monthly tuition is based on 4 weeks. In the event that there are 5 weeks in a month, the 5th week will be added to the total tuition cost for that month (see breakdown below.) Please note that tuition does not pay for materials (i.e. Studio Practice Notebook, sheet music, etc.) or recital fees ($10/family) that are outside the weekly lessons. *Note: Students ages 10 and under must have a parent/guardian present at their lessons, unless otherwise discussed. 

Monthly Tuition Based on 4 weeks:​

  • 30-minute lessons: $80.00 

  • 60-minute lessons: $160.00

Monthly Tuition Based on 5 weeks:​

  • 30-minute lessons: $100.00 

  • 60-minute lessons: $200.00

in-home lessons
Please note that an additional $10 fee (per lesson) may be added for in-home lessons, based on availability. For questions regarding in-home lessons, please email .

payment & late fees

Tuition is due at the first lesson of each month. Check, cash, or Venmo are accepted. A $15 late fee, per week, will be applied to all tuition that isn’t paid on time. Tuition is non-refundable and will not be adjusted or prorated for students that withdraw early or miss scheduled lessons (see LESSON WITHDRAWL POLICY) Consistently late payments may result in the termination of further lessons. 



Private violin lessons are available for 30-minute and 60-minute sessions. All lessons will be customized to the student’s individual needs. Lessons may include technique building exercises (scales, rhythmic exercises and shifting) and music from the standard repertoire. There will also be recitals and performance opportunities throughout the year.

Josie Long Violin Studio takes students all year round in a system of open enrollment. Students can also pre-register in advance for future semesters. Pre-registrations will be placed first come first serve. Please fill out a contact form through the website to submit an inquiry or email 

Josie Long Violin Studio uses semesters as an internal way to track student’s goals, points, etc. Please note that these semester breaks have nothing to do with scheduling. Time slots will automatically roll over from semester to semester. There will be no need to re-sign up in between semesters, unless there is a conflict with the time making a change necessary. If a student intends to withdraw from lessons at the end of any given semester they will still need to follow the official withdrawal policy stated above.

The semesters break down as follows:

  • Spring: January – May

  • Summer: June – August

  • Fall: September – December

The schedule at Josie Long Violin Studio will carry over from spring semester and remain the same throughout the summer months. For example, if you attend lessons at 3:00 pm on Mondays during the spring and fall semesters, you will also maintain that same 3:00 pm Monday spot throughout the summer. Any exceptions to the existing schedule will be made known to parents by your instructor. 

At Josie Long Violin Studio, multiple performance opportunities are offered throughout the year. Two of these opportunities include formal performances, one at the end of the school year and another right before the holidays.  These performances give our students something to work towards the entire year. There will be a minimal $10/family participation fee for participating in the recital. These will be included in the invoice preceding the recital. No admission will be charged for recital attendees or their family members.

In addition to the two performances mentioned above, Josie Long Violin Studio also provides additional opportunities for students to perform in the community, festivals, concerts, competitions, and more throughout the year. You can find these opportunities posted on the website or on Instagram @josielongviolin

Please try to make every effort to accommodate your scheduled lesson time. If you do need to miss your lesson, please kindly give at least 24-hours notice. Forgotten or missed lessons (no shows) or any other lessons that fail to provide 24-hours notice, will NOT be eligible for a makeup lesson. No exceptions. 

To withdraw from lessons, one must provide formal written notice to Josie Long Violin Studio by emailing Verbal notification will NOT be considered sufficient notice.

A 30-day courtesy notice is requested so Josie Long Violin Studio has adequate time to fill the vacancy in the schedule. Please note that in the event of immediate withdrawal, NO tuition will be prorated or refunded after a pay period has already been withdrawn; however, students may continue to attend lessons until all lesson credits have been redeemed. Time slots will not be held for students that choose to take time off. If a student plans to withdraw at the end of a semester, formal written notice at least 30 days in advance will still be necessary as the semesters are not automatic breakpoints in the schedule.



(When the instructor is available and ready to teach but the student cancels with 24 hrs notice)
Each student will have one makeup lesson per semester. Makeup lessons are to be scheduled at the convenience of the instructor, typically utilizing any other cancellations or openings that have come up throughout the weeks.

Please note that it is the parent’s sole responsibility to initiate and schedule any student-caused makeup lessons prior to the end of the semester. Makeups will not roll over from semester to semester. No reimbursement or monetary credit will be given to those that missed lessons and do not pursue or take advantage of makeup opportunities provided by the instructor. In addition, if a student schedules a makeup lesson and then has to cancel or otherwise no shows for any reason, no additional makeup opportunity will be offered.


(When the student is planning on lessons but the instructor has to cancel)
While the instructor strives to do everything they can to maintain my scheduled lessons, there may be a time where the instructor cannot provide adequate notice of their absence due to an emergency. If this is the case, makeup lessons will be offered at the student’s convenience. These makeups are to take place within 30 days of the instructor’s absence and will be scheduled by the instructor. Please note that these makeup lessons do NOT count towards the permitted one/ semester/ student as previously described.

If schedules cannot align or situations otherwise prevent a makeup from being conveniently scheduled due to an instructor caused absence, please contact to discuss the possibility of a lesson credit. Lesson credits will ONLY be applied under the circumstance of an “instructor-caused absence,” and will be evaluated on a case by case basis. 

In an effort not to spread sickness to other students and instructors, we kindly ask that students do not come in to the studio in the event they are sick with a contagious illness. Instead, students will be eligible to makeup the lesson using their one allotted (student-caused) makeup lesson per semester.


A parent/guardian is required to attend the student's lesson if they are ages 10 and under, unless otherwise discussed.


  • Your Instrument: Before you leave the house, please make sure that your instrument, bow, shoulder rest, rosin, pencil and extra set of strings are packed in your instrument case.

  • Studio Practice Notebook: Your Studio Practice Notebook will consist of weekly assignments, practice log, and other resources. This customized notebook may be purchased at your first lesson. Your instructor will be writing updated homework assignments to be practiced after each lesson in this book. It will not only assist you in your practicing, but will also be helpful for your instructor to see your assignments throughout the semester and to keep an accurate record of your progress. It is imperative that this book be brought to each lesson.

  • Music Books: It is important to bring all of your music with you weekly (i.e. Suzuki books, technique books, current solo pieces, orchestra music, etc.). By coming prepared each week, it will allow you and your instructor to work on all of your materials and to continue making progress.

  • Music Bag: Music books can often be numerous, heavy, and hard to carry. We highly recommend using a bag / tote / backpack / cinch sack, etc. to store all of your musical books and items.


*It is mandatory to bring each of the following items to every lesson

**Although you will not be bringing this to your lesson, it is also strongly advised that you have a proper music stand at home. This will allow the student to practice with the proper posture and positions. This can be purchased at a local music store or website.

If you have any questions, please contact:


Josie Long, Violin Instructor
(208) 409-3622

Lesson Cancellation Policy
Lesson Withdrawl Policy
Makeup Lesson Policy



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